Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

January 18, 2021
Risks of Poor Pet Dental Health

It is a fact that most pet owners fail to take a good look inside their pets’ mouths. This is very unfortunate since, according to estimates, more than 80 percent of dogs suffer from some form of dental health problem. Foul breath, infected gums, loose teeth, and discolored teeth are just a few common signs of periodontal disease.

Poor pet dental health can cause a wide range of serious health problems. Just like you, your pets can suffer from dental and oral conditions that can affect their overall health. You cannot prevent some diseases such as cancer, congenital diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Conditions such as gingivitis and periodontal diseases, however, are very preventable.


Why Pet Dental Health Is Important


Veterinarians often talk about dental treats, dental food, and dental health, including ways to improve oral and dental health. Therefore, pet dental health must be extremely important. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not appreciate the correlation between the overall well-being and health of their pets and good dental health.

Poor dental health will affect your pet’s overall health due to the spread of bacteria. The bacteria on your animal friend’s teeth can lead to the development of plaque. Eventually, this will cause tartar, which can penetrate below the gumline. As a result, your pet will suffer from periodontal disease. Some of the lesser-known consequences of this disease include:


Abscesses in the Tooth Root

Most of the bacteria in your pet’s oral cavity are anaerobic bacteria, which do not require oxygen for respiration. This is why they do well in environments such as the area below the gumline. Given the right conditions, these bacteria can lead to a tooth root abscess. This refers to a pocket of pus and bacteria at the tooth’s base.

This condition is extremely painful. It can even cause your pet to stop eating his or her food. Tooth root abscesses often lead to the compression of surrounding sinuses and tissues. This, in turn, can cause swelling of the lips, gums, or even the affected side of the face. It can also lead to the compression of the eye above the affected tooth, causing it to swell shut.


Pathologic Jaw Fractures


This refers to a condition where fractures occur due to a pre-existing bone disease that makes the structure of the bone weaker. This condition is quite common in small dogs and cats with serious periodontal disease. Additionally, the same bacteria that cause tooth root abscesses, periodontal disease, and gingivitis can also cause osteomyelitis. This is the infection and inflammation of the bone, which weakens the structure of the cortex and bone marrow. Consequently, the bone tends to fracture more easily.


Other Abscesses and Infections


If your pet is suffering from periodontal disease, new blood vessels may form in the gums. Consequently, blood flow to the affected areas around the tartar and plaque will increase. This is a protective mechanism meant to fight infection. Unfortunately, this inflammation can also lead to the presence of bacteria in your pet’s blood. This, in turn, can cause infections in other areas of your pet’s body, such as the urinary tract, heart, joints, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

Poor pet dental health can also lead to bacterial endocarditis, poor hair coat, malnourishment, weight loss, and diabetes. Therefore, it is very important to look after your pet’s dental health. He or she deserves the very best care.


To know more about pet dental health, visit Lone Oak Animal Clinic at our offices in Paducah, Kentucky. You can also call (270) 554-0385 to book an appointment today.

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