Keeping Senior Pets Active and Healthy

Keeping Senior Pets Active and Healthy

Keeping Senior Pets Active and Healthy

Keeping Senior Pets Active and Healthy

March 31, 2021
Keeping Senior Pets Active and Healthy

After age seven, cats and dogs are seniors. Just like human beings, older pets have less energy and youthful agility. They slow down, move less, play less, and often seem to be sleeping all the time. This sedentary lifestyle is not suitable for them. It may aggravate their health conditions. Thankfully, you can make some changes to keep the senior pets healthy, physically and mentally.


Proper Diet

Feeding your pet, a well-balanced diet is crucial, especially during his or her senior stage of life. The food should not contain any artificial colors and preservatives. Lean towards a meat-based, low-carb diet. Quality food increases the body’s ability to fight illnesses. It especially stops or delays age-related conditions like constipation, to which senior pets are prone. Ask your vet what you need to include in your pet’s senior-specific diet.


Dental Care

Ensure that your senior pet has a clean bill of dental health. A healthy mouth enhances the quality of the pet’s life. Experts say that pets with regular dental care live two years longer than pets who do not. Dental diseases are linked to life-threatening conditions like heart disease. Also, if dental bacteria got into the pet’s bloodstream, the pet could become ill. To secure your pet’s overall health, ensure that you care for his or her.


New Tricks

Contrary to the famous saying, “You can’t teach old dog new tricks,” dogs can learn at any age. Teach your dog some new commands to keep his or her brain sharp and healthy.


Extra Attention

Your senior dog needs as much attention and care as you can give. The more you spend time together, the more the two of you live happily for the period of its life remaining.


New Friends

If your pet is comfortable around new company, keep him or her socially active. If you own a dog, take it on a walk, perhaps to a dog park, where it can meet and interact with other dogs. Social activity keeps the dog happy and encourages exercise.


New Activities and Toys

Senior pets like to have a routine. They stick to their ways and start to slow down, looking old, bored, tired, and worn out. You can mix things up to create some excitement and spontaneity. Get your pet some new toys and engage it in new games. You could also change the route you use when walking your dog. Even getting the dog off the leash so that it can explore your backyard can feel new and exciting. These new activities are effective and are a source of great fun and mental stimulation.


Benefits of Being Active

Keeping your senior pet active and healthy produces the following benefits:


  • Stimulates the pet’s mind

  • Loosens the joints

  • Brings down inflammation and pain

  • Makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight

  • Increases digestion and bowel movement

  • Encourages cell healing and regeneration

  • Improves circulation, which flushes out toxins from the cells


With proper nutrition, attention, regular care, and physical activity, your pet can live a long enriching life. For more information on how to care for your senior pet, including information about regular health checks, visit Lone Oak Animal Clinic in Paducah, Kentucky.


To learn more about keeping senior pets healthy, contact Lone Oak Animal Clinic in Paducah, KY at (270) 554-0385 to request an appointment.

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